A Note Regarding Coupon Sales on Internet Auction Sites

Coupon auctions may be removed from Internet auction sites for various reasons:

  • Some auction sites prohibit the sale of coupons on their sites
  • Some auction sites restrict the number of coupons you can sell on their site
  • An auction may violate the manufacturers’ nontransferability clause
  • An auction may violate a copyright or a trademark belonging to the coupon issuing manufacturer
  • An auction may be selling counterfeit coupons
  • An auction may violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

News You Can Use

  • Virtually every coupon issued in the United States features a “nontranferability clause” that prohibits the sale or other unauthorized transfer of the coupon and voids the coupon in the event of such a transfer
  • Many coupon sellers include “legal disclaimers” in an effort to claim that they are not really selling coupons, for example, stating that they are instead selling the envelope the containing the coupons, or their time and effort to obtain and clip the coupons, not the coupons themselves. Such “disclaimers” are invalid and do not provide the seller with any legal protection. Indeed, such obviously false statements merely underscore the fact that the sellers are aware that the sale of coupons is prohibited and improper.

Help Keep Coupons Free!

Billions of coupons are given away free of charge every year. Why pay for something given away for free? The unauthorized sale of coupons increases consumer costs, provides outlets for stolen and counterfeit coupons, and creates opportunities for organized criminal enterprises. See the Federal Trade Commission’s brochure on “Costly Coupon Scams” (Click to download).

Coupons are an essential part of many people’s budgets, especially in challenging economic times. Help keep them free. Don’t pay money for coupons.

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How Does Coupon
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