A Special Message for Law Enforcement Officials

The CIC applauds all industry efforts to combat coupon fraud. However, more needs to be done.

The CIC and its Members are dedicated to assisting law enforcement with coupon fraud related investigations. We can provide you with:

  • An investigator's / prosecutor's manual
  • Examples of Legal Documents, such as search warrants, indictments, media releases, plea agreements and more.
  • Liaison services with industry participants
  • Coupon Redemption Reports
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Additional support

There are no charges for CIC services provided to law enforcement officials. Contact us if we can be of assistance. All information is kept confidential.

Don't forget: Individuals involved in coupon fraud have often been caught in tax evasion; money laundering; food stamp fraud; and many other offenses.

Try us. It's free…Best of all: law enforcement and prosecutors have NEVER lost a case in which CIC has provided assistance.