September 2014
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Industry Reform

The CIC is leading reform efforts to improve security practices, enhance transparency, and open communications among all industry participants. The CIC's Annual Summit brings leaders from diverse specialties within the industry together for frank and productive discussions on developing issues and trends affecting coupon security.

The CIC is a not-for-profit association of consumer product manufacturers dedicated to fighting coupon misredemption and fraud.

The CIC and its members have worked with Federal, State and local Law Enforcement officials on every significant coupon fraud case since CIC began operations in 1986.

As of this time, CIC has not lost a single case.

Proven Success

  • Fraud schemes involving more than $750 million have been exposed.
  • Millions have been recovered and returned to the victims.
  • Thousands of individuals and entities have been identified.
  • New challenges have been identified and addressed prior to becoming endemic.

Attention Consumers
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Law Enforcement & Retailer Team Up Against Coupon Counterfeiter

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CIC is working with retailers, processors and other industry participants to seek efficient and practical solutions to mutual security challenges.