Law Enforcement & Retailer Team Up Against Coupon Counterfeiter

May 13, 2011. The Coupon Information Corporation (CIC) and its Board of Directors are pleased to recognize the joint efforts of Deputy Sheriff Brian Zierdt of the San Bernardino County California Sheriff’s Department and Jason Parsons & Cuau Tapia of Target Corporation for their investigation, prosecution, and incarceration of coupon counterfeiter Glenn Rodgers of Las Vegas, Nevada.

eBay Scam Artist Goes National

Rodgers will spend a total of 16 months in a California State Prison and will liquidate his personal assets, including his home and cars if needed, to pay restitution for his one-man crime wave that used counterfeit coupons to defraud major chain stores and manufacturers nationwide.

Rodgers first gained the attention of the CIC some time ago when he sold counterfeit coupons on eBay under the name Shamrock and other aliases. Most of his accounts were eventually terminated by eBay at CIC’s request. After being essentially shut down, Rodgers then changed his method of operations and evaded justice until he was detected by Target, which alerted local law enforcement authorities on this case. In addition to chain stores and CIC Members, Rodgers’ victims included: Conair; L’Oreal; Novartis; Philips Norelco; Revlon; Schering-Plough; Sunbeam and others.

Well-Deserved Recognition

The CIC Bronze Medallion earned by Deputy Sheriff Bryan Zierdt is not a typical award. It is a challenge to win and only those law enforcement officials who have demonstrated an unusually high level of excellence make it through the nomination and review process. Deputy Sheriff Zierdt is only the second member of a Sheriff’s Office to obtain this award in CIC’s 25-year history.

An Industry First

Jason Parsons and Cuau Tapia of the Target Loss Prevention Department were presented with the first ever CIC President’s award for their outstanding, and critical, work in support of this investigation. According to CIC President Nancy Lindemood, “This Manufacturer-Retailer-Law Enforcement Partnership should serve as an example of how organizations with diverse economic interests can cooperate with law enforcement to pursue justice. I look forward to enhancing cooperation throughout the industry to address the problem of coupon counterfeiting.”

CIC is working with retailers, processors and other industry participants to seek economical and practical solutions to mutual security challenges.